Via Prom is a manufacturing company of various types of cookies and biscuits located in Ohrid, Macedonia.

The company was established in 2001 when we were involved in trading with sweet products. Mainly, we imported a wide range of sweets from Western and Southern Europe to Macedonia.

Two years later, in 2003, we realized that our passion for sweets is much bigger than finding great products out there only and importing them to our country. In fact, we wanted to make great products! We wanted to be the ones who inspire sweets lovers from all over the world!

Moreover, we realized that we possess extensive knowledge, experience and most importantly huge passion to make delicious sweets people would love to taste. This was our key driver back in 2003 when we got determined to start our own production.

The company has been evolving a lot in every possible aspect: from product to management development as well as facilities expansion. We continuously strive to keep up with new global trends. These efforts yield great results which are clearly
reflected in our market expansion accompanied by our constant product offer improvement.


Ninjalecious sandwich biscuits with natural cocoa, vanilla and milk.


Flavorsome honey cookies (gingerbread) coated with delicious chocolate and filled with natural jam.


Yummy tea cookies “spiced” with real chocolate chip and ravishing coconut bits.


One of a kind gingerbread cookies with honey flavor made according to an authentic recipe.