Yummy tea cookies “spiced” with real chocolate chip and ravishing coconut bits.
Additional tastes are on the way to join the Cookie family.

Ingredients: wheat flour, vegetable butter, sugar, chocolate bits 12% (sugar, cocoa mass, emulsifier, soya lecithin E322, flavouring: vanilla), coconut flour, milk powder, starch, pastry rise ingredients: ammonium bicarbonate E503 and sodium bicarbonate E500, emulsifier, soya lecithin E322, natural spices, flavouring.

Product contains wheat gluten, soya lecithin and milk ingredients.

Product and transportation specifications:

Product EAN Code Net (gr) Units/Carton Carton Dimensions (mm) Cartons/ Pallet Cartons x20’ Cartons x40’
Cookie 5319990822505 150 24 (3.600kg) 397х267x225 90 1320 2700