Essentially, there are 3 key differentiators that make our company stand out and those are:

Authentic technological process using natural ingredients

What makes our products special is the unique technology applied in the process of production along with the usage of high quality natural ingredients. Instead of employing chemicals, we have developed a very specific technological process which occurs naturally over a certain period of time.

Design that sells

We partner with great creative minds that do an excellent job when it comes to design. Each package design has a very well thought concept behind. Moreover, we try to build concepts that sell. This way we help our customers do their job meaning sell our products in a faster and easier way.


The unique process of production together with the great relationships we have built with our partners enable us to offer our customers high flexibility at a relatively low cost. We are aware that individual markets need certain product adjustments. For that reason we try hard to meet all requirements demanded by individual customers. Those requirements could refer to product taste/package/weight adjustments etc.


Ninjalecious sandwich biscuits with natural cocoa, vanilla and milk.


Flavorsome honey cookies (gingerbread) coated with delicious chocolate and filled with natural jam.


Yummy tea cookies “spiced” with real chocolate chip and ravishing coconut bits.


One of a kind gingerbread cookies with honey flavor made according to an authentic recipe.